Tune In Tokyo:The Gaijin Diaries – by Tim Anderson

I’ve had a bit of a fascination with Japan. I suppose it’s because of the differences in our cultures, though perhaps it is in part because of my son’s interest in Japanese sword arts. I accompanied him to lessons and read Musashi and other similar books while I was waiting for him. Or maybe I think Japanese girls are cute (insert dirty old man emoji here).

When I came across this book, which is about an American who moves to Japan to teach English and his experiences there, I thought it would be an interesting introduction to what it would be like to live there. It was, in spite of the author being gay and having a slightly different perspective than I.

It’s extremely unlikely that I will ever visit, let alone live in, Japan, but it still was interesting to see Japanese culture in their own country through the eyes of an American. If you are uncomfortable with sexual references you might not appreciate this book, but I don’t have that hang up. If I was a younger man, after reading this book I might give Japan a visit. For right now, just reading about it is enough.

Finished 9/6/19